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Too Much Sun

With all the talent behind it – not the least of which belongs to its gifted playwright – there’s no surprise in the fact that “Too Much Sun” is a completely enjoyable theatrical experience, with just the right mix of the traditional and the edgy to make it feel both less and more “dangerous” than it is. What comes as a bonus is the reflective, almost uplifting calm that comes at the end of a play that started out seeming like a hard-edged, raucous farce.

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GRIPPING, CLEVER, SAVAGE, FUNNY. SHOCKING. ROUSING TRANSGRESSIVE… sure-handed direction and an immensely talented quartet of actors… one of those unequivocally superb evenings of theater that only come along once or twice per season.

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Jon Huertas, of “This Is Us,” is charismatic as Vinal, Quinn’s former rival on his own quest for resolution; and Gabriela Ortega is lovably scrappy as Lone, Quinn’s female protégé. Perhaps most unforgettable is Marlene Forte, as Sarita, who embodies the transformation from vengeful Fury to merciful Mother with remarkable dexterity. Also deserving special mention is Darrin Dewitt Henson, who brings grace and understanding to his turn as Quinn’s gay doctor, who becomes the face of AIDS even as he warns of its coming.

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