Audience: Julianna Barron


Deconstructing Holly

A One-Woman Show: Holly & her story and performance is phenomenal! She is so sweet, soft, sexy, cute, clever, creative, beautiful, wonderful, likable and lovable with such talent, grace, style and a gift for writing & acting - a natural born ⭐️ made for the stage and in front of the camera! Her womanhood and femininity is rooted so deep, strong, intense and powerful that it stems through her very being as she simultaneously embodies, transcends and exudes it with and beyond her body while it blossoms and blooms at the level of her energy, soul, spirit, heart and mind like a magnificent flower!! She is very inspirational and worthy of so much respect, love, admiration and appreciation! Thank you for being YOU, for your contribution to society and for making this world a better, brighter, more beautiful place!! Don’t give, always hold onto hope and have faith that you will continue to rise and prevail! You deserve nothing but the best, a standing ovation, a five star plus review and her Highest Good!! I will keep you in my prayers...

✨💃🏻🌟🌎🎭💕✨🎟 👏🏻💖😎