Audience: Justice McLean-Davis



A story of womanhood. This play is a story of humanity, and through the lives of a family going through constant obstacles, these characters need each other, and through these obstacles comes a deeper connection with one another of understanding. The sisterhood in this play is a great story to be told that is about putting aside our differences of judgment so that we can see what is true and honest of our loved ones in our lives. The story is very intimate, taking place in a living room. There, we as the audience are taken in to the point we feel right there with them. The honest portrayals of these characters serve truth to the writing of the play and I as an audience was moved and uplifted. I was taken through a rollercoasters of feelings throughout this play. After finishing watching this play, that was what I appreciated the most. I appreciated that this play is a reflection of life, as it is a roller coaster into the unkown and how we as humans have to make choices that we must have to face and endure. The beauty in this play was that each character was not alone. They each loved each other and would do anything for each other. The actors' vulnerability was an inspiration to artists and human beings going through their everyday life. This story is a story of family, womanhood, empowerment, love, and truth. Being that we all live this life once, we should spend it watching plays that matter and give voices to those who don't have the chance.