Audience: K Walker


FERTILE: A Conversation About the Expectation of Procreation

Highly-recommended! I loved Heather’s first solo show, UNEMPLOYED. FINALLY. and I was excited to fall in love with this show too. And I did. Heather is a wonderful, endearing performer and she bravely puts herself in the middle of a complicated and personal examination of what it means to be “fertile” — or not — in our society. This is a funny, sincere, heart-warming exploration of one woman’s attempts to navigate trying to get pregnant, friends who are/have been/don’t want to be and all of the opinions, advice and medical treatments she encounters in-between. This is a timely topic as so many women are facing similar struggles and trying to figure out whether they REALLY want to have children, or they’ve just been indoctrinated into believing they should to live a full life. Go see this show! 🙂


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