Audience: Katie Boyes


Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror

We go to magic shows and midnight showings of Rocky Horror at least once a month, so we were prepared for some spooky fun that was a little cheesy. It certainly was cheesy, but not spooky or fun. Doctor Zomba starts with some magic tricks you'd likely see at a kid's party, but he clearly was struggling with the handling. We then move on to the plot and it holds promise, but a few moments are ill-timed (hand through curtain) so they don't have the fun impact they should. Sirena is gorgeous, I'd love to take her home for my hubby and I, but her dancing isn't the best nor presented in a funny way to make up for the lack of skill. There's an effect late into the show of Dracula's coffin which is so bad, I wish they would have played up how bad it is. The cabinet has a clear false back which leads between two curtains and the entire cabinet shakes and wobbles while Dracula vanishes from inside, only to have the doors open to reveal Dracula's hand fumbling to close the back panel in time. On a positive note, they did give us free "spirits" before the show. My suggestion if you do go, pre-game with plenty more spirits and it might make this show funny enough to be enjoyable.