Audience: Kris Long


Birthday by Michael David Ker

What would you take with you if you had only minutes to gather your belongings in a fire? What Michael was able to grab in seconds fit into a small blue bin.

What he was able to share with the audience was from a very small bin, he could somehow move the audience using humor and impeccable timing, the most meaningful, painful, exhilarating experiences from childhood to his adult life. He showed us his resentments, gratitude, moods, surprises and heart wrenching final words from his parents all wrapped up in the package of a birthday celebration (or non celebration).

His delivery was captivating, not a moment was lost without nervous laughter, actual laughter, tears and introspection.

A blue bin filled with treasured rich memories of family and a full circle moment that includes, a fire, a whale and zanax.

Bring the tissues.