Audience: Lisa Yesko


To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen

A most entertaining sweet and sometimes bittersweet journey with Buddy Ebsen's youngest daughter, Kiki Ebsen telling the story about her father's film and dance career, very artfully performed through her personal story and her rich singing voice and dance. Clips of scenes from Buddy Ebsen's prolific career and the photos make for a heartwarming and poignant experience into their personal lives. Backed up with a terrific band - Jeff Colella (piano), Kendall Kay (drums), Kim Richmond (woodwinds) Granville "Danny" Young (bass) and Kiki (vocals and piano) adds to the musical enjoyment. Directed by S.E. Feinberg lending his expertise in making the show a wonderful balance of visuals, heart-felt stories, song and dance carried solely with Kiki's performance and an additional dance scene with Gregory Gast makes for an enjoyable show!


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