Audience: Lucy Platt


Turn Off The Lights

I went to see the show on the Saturday night. What a wonderful play! The theater is right in the heart of Hollywood and what a great theater it is! Very entertaining show and the story gripped me the whole way through. The theater was totally packed and definitely a sell out. The quality of the acting was exceptional too. Some great performances I must add. The lead guy called Dennis Delsing really drove the show along with Tim Murphy who plays the bad guy. One of the daughters, Ash Warren was a very good actress and really gave a great performance between her and the bad guy Howard (Tim Murphy). My favorite character in the show though was Samantha played by Janine Gateland. An exceptional performance from her. Samantha's dry sense of humor along with her confident, steel, demure look really gave the actress wonderful stage presence. You can tell the actress has a lot of experience and she was a delight to watch! She sold the show for me. I would definitely be interested in seeing more of the creator of the shows work. Dorrill Griffin certainly made an entertaining play! Over all a great show and only 1 hour long. I just wish it was on for a longer run as I would go again.


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