Non-Registered Critics: Matthew Kennedy


Beasts from the Sea!

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater is a company whose bread and butter is offbeat, bizarre horror, and Beasts from the Sea! is decidedly true to form. The latest show from the North Hollywood-based team, Beasts is a quick (10-12 minutes) but densely-packed walk through series of vignettes. Combining strange creatures, stranger people, and a deep-sea nightmare theme, groups of up to six are plunged into a unique experience that’s a must-see for those brave enough.

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FUTURE COURT: The Bindy Lipton Massacre

I liked the concept of Future Court and thought it was executed fairly well. The show knows what it's about and is entertaining despite the darkness of the story.

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    • DIRTY TRICKS w/ The New Bad Boys of Magic
    • Fefu and her Friends at the Odyssey Theatre