Audience: Max Gail


Black When I Was A Boy

This is a typo corrected review: Full disclosure: Cooper Bates is a friend of mine so I am aware of his talent and thoughtful response to life. Also, I read several rave reviews of his performance and one man play, “Black When I Was a Boy.” Still, I was not prepared for the beautiful ride on which he took my son and I, along with the rest of the audience. Starting with a simple and authentic hello and launching into his personal story, soon the space was populated with indelible characters of all races, ages, perspectives. Conversations came alive with moments of touching and tear up memories and reflections...and laughs, many held in balance with the poignancy of the story, and others bursting forth uncontrollably with recognition and joy. Young athletes and old women, school yard playmates and life threatening adversaries. This is a creative gift for anyone fortunate enough to share their heart, mind and time with Cooper and the stellar cast of his “one man” show, “Black When I Was a Boy.”