Audience: Miki Chase



For a stay-at-home mother of three children, I often find myself reading or watching "uplifting" stories that have happy endings. In truth, these stories don't always give me an opportunity to use my "real person" brain and instead give me an excuse to escape to a fairyland. This play opened my eyes to recognize that issues we face today are not new, but just history repeating itself over and over- just another setting in the history of America. The play was creatively staged, had a small cast who each evoked emotion from the audience, especially the characters of Rose, Mary and Willie. There was not a single moment of boredom or misunderstanding- the script was seamless. It is the perfect show for high schoolers to be required to see for US or European History classes to invoke discussion and action and for the rest of America to study so that we can transform our own destructive human behaviors and make a difference in our childrens' and their friends' lives in the real world and not a fairyland.




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