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Loose Knit is meant to be a character study, a dialogue-heavy emotional drama. Instead, it serves as a reminder of how important a good text can be, and how difficult it is to overcome a bad one.

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Billie Holiday: Front and Center

Jatta, the writer/performer, is clearly dedicated to Holiday’s memory. She is a phenomenal vocalist with a stellar voice. She commands attention through channeling the beloved singer during the tribute performances. Yet, half the job demands acting out the vignettes that illustrate Holiday’s life. This is where Jatta falls short, as her acting is timid and restrained...

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Under Chalsma’s direction, the production is an example of how arresting Shakespeare can be when handled carefully and skillfully. The show is filled with bursting-with-life characters who drive a compelling plot forward. - RECOMMENDED

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Nancy F***ing Reagan

Overall, Nancy F***ing Reagan features compelling dialogue and a strong dynamic that draws us in. The characters and their relationships are believable. The rising tension is not only effectively paced, but transfixing. While the play is blatant in its criticism of Reagan’s policy on AIDS, it is also a careful and thoughtful character study that examines how this tragedy continues to affect in the lives of the individuals connected to it. Despite shortcomings in plot and structure, this play lingers in the mind — much like the impact of AIDS still lingers today.

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    • Fefu and her Friends at the Odyssey Theatre