Non-Registered Critics: Noah J Nelson

By night Noah J. Nelson (@noahjnelson) is the curator of No Proscenium, an ongoing exploration of immersive theatre and interactive experiences. The No Proscenium newsletter curates immersive events in Southern California twice a month. By day he's a reporter for public media’s Turnstyle News.

Give Up the Ghost

It’s that pure committing to the bit that makes GUTG worth the price of admission alone.

Tone remains a bit of an issue, as a few of the scenes feel like they’re reaching to be more profound than they actually are. Yet there’s no denying that the majority of the scenarios that Hageleit and Vanek devise are well tuned for eliciting interaction.

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Adios Dolores represents a fascinating “hello” to LA’s immersive horror scene, and immersive theatre scene in general. It’s existence acting as a kind of promise that the most interesting works are still on the horizon, and that what’s been laid down before has become fertile ground for a wide range of imaginations.

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