Audience: Nia Kilgore


Love, Locs & Liberation

Ella Turenne is a visionary...a gift from the theatrical Gods. Her writing is masterful, intelligent and sublime. The audience was riveted by her uncanny ability to turn a phrase and capture the humanity, drama and scariness that something as basic as HAIR can induce! The amazing surprise was that, as a Black Woman, I assumed I would know her WHOLE story but the way Ella weaves her tale truly let me a way that was unexpected, yet kind. I could read or LISTEN to her brilliant play all day! But that would be a sad day because I would miss out on seeing her bright, gorgeous face on stage. So cancel that plan of merely listening to her sharp words: I NEED TO SEE ELLA PERFORM this powerful and timely play! And so do you. The humor and heart Ella pours into her character showed how much this story means to her and how profoundly her “hair history” has impacted her life. After just one hour, I walked away feeling connected to Ella's family AND her journey in ways you often don't get access to after even years of knowing someone. So thank you theater Gods for sharing Ella Turenne with us; and THANK YOU Ella for sharing your gifts with me!