Audience: Paul



It’s always refreshing to see a story told from the perspective of someone who has lived it. Brian Reynolds delivers a powerhouse education on the reality of polyamory while spinning an entertaining, hilarious and wickedly surprising yarn. The acting and stagecraft are top notch too, and the entire team at Tubeman Productions can be praised for making the most of black box theater in Los Angeles. Go see this show—it will answer all your questions, and give you even more to think about.


    • THE ART OF DINING at the Gloria Gifford Conservatory
    • The Double V
    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes
    • Nick Rubando for Congress - Fundraiser at Three Clubs
    • BEFORE with Pat Kinevane at the Odyssey Theatre
    • TAP DANCING MY WAY TO THE NUTHOUSE at The Whitefire Theate

    Featured LemonAide