Audience: Peter Santana


Beasts from the Sea!

Full Disclosure: When my kids were younger I’d take them to the LA Zoo but as far as me walking with them in the reptile house they were on their own. Broad daylight but abject terror. I’d walk outside and keep in them in voice range. Fast forward to last night I dared enter the legendary Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre to see their latest production of “Beasts from the Sea!” It’s a 15 minute journey through the darkest & scariest parts of the sea. The walls get smaller, the maze goes all over the theatre, colorful oceanic characters meet you in every part of the production. The story rivals any camp fire stories on a scary camping trip by the sea. The actors come towards you in any direction & tell their part of the story in an inspired & profound way. Of course I was completely out of my comfort zone but that’s what can happen when you don’t take a risk once in awhile & attend some “live” theatre although the feeling of this production gives you the feeling you’re gonna be the “dead one” who if you make it through the mazes who might not tell any tales. Perfect fun for the folks who can’t wait for Halloween 🎃! See it this weekend before they close. Every 15 minutes from 8pm to midnight!


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