Audience: Poetic Sense


We Are Traffic - A Solo Rideshare Adventure

OMG! OMG! OMG! IT WAS GOOD TO THE LAST DROP "AWESOMERIFIC!" Jonathan is so hilariously expressive. I'd have to give this solo act a Poetic Hug and 5 Better-Lemon squeezes! 100% award candidate! He kept us engaged from the moment of coming down the hall to his show, to exiting off the pavement from the building. "Talk about front door service!" Imagine that, something that was created to distant a class of people, is the very thing that brings them together in a closed in space. Would you ever had known you were lost at all, if no one ever showed you were you were in first place?



The Oz Monologues

The script was very cleverly written. The setting was befitting. The costuming was so spot on...some of the actors made me want more, but some made me wanna hold up a street light. Congrats on the new comer Dorothy. She has potential, she just needs to keep in mind that the audience wants an experience "with" her so she needs slow down and enjoy the moment. Tin Woodsman, voice was a bit light and accent very heavy so it took my mind a minute to catch what he was saying. While I'm no fan of villains, I enjoyed the Wicked Witch of East more than the Wicked Witch of the West. Merely all the punch lines for the Wicked Witch of the West fell pretty flat to me. They would have been funny had she had timing on her delivery. Glenda was by far my favorite of the whole show! Kinda liked experiencing each character alone vs altogether as usual. WHO KNEW JUST HOW BUSY THOSE FLYING MONKEYS WERE IN OUR LIVES? Though Mr. Oz had some really good nuggets to give he was a tad bit long winded for me and I mentally tapped out for second. However, I was still left with a message from the production and I'm looking forward to seeing it again!