Audience: Robin Roth


Blistering performances from Dawn Marie (May) and John Ralston Craig (Eddie), under the masterful direction of Robyn Cohen, fully capture the madness and raw insight of Sam Shepard’s script. With strong support from Kevin Quinn (The Old Man) and Joseph Harris (Martin), as well as a perfectly seedy set, this is a must-see production for Shepard fans or anyone who needs an introduction to this iconic playwright.



I'm Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence

Just saw the world premiere, and laughed all the way home. Jennifer Lawrence (Christy Lee Hughes) and Rose Byrne (Alice Winslow) bunk together one night before a press tour, and reveal some of the fears and challenges superstars face when they’re dealing with real life. Kinda scary, totally hilarious. Backed by an excellent supporting cast, the production zipped merrily and expletively along. Sweeeet!!!



The Cripple of Inishmaan

My first (and long overdue) experience at Antaeus Theatre was thoroughly enjoyable! I'm a fan of playwright Martin McDonagh, and this production enhances his well-earned reputation as a black-comedy expert with empathy for his eccentric characters. First-rate acting and ensemble work are complemented by the evocative stage design — set, lighting, sound, wardrobe, props are all spot on. I'd love to go back to see the partner cast in action!



The Big Event: King Dick

King Dick is the most outrageously funny of the 3 brilliant plays written and directed by Christian Levatino in He also stars as Elvis the King, staggering his drug-induced way to a meeting with Nixon the Dick. Along the way are bizarre encounters with members of his entourage, government henchmen, and his deceased-at-birth twin brother. It's a trip, all right — one you do not want to miss!



The Big Event: Sunny Afternoon

This was the first play in that I saw — and it blew me away! A fierce, funny, mesmerizing take on the 48-hour interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald. Impeccable acting and timing, very clever set, lighting and sound. Please do yourself a favor, and SEE THIS PLAY ‼️‼️




Still trying to recover from the emotional wallop of this remarkable production of Arthur Miller's 1947 play, whose themes and characters still resonate so strongly today. Pitch-perfect performances were notable for both subtlety and complexity, and direction was first-rate. Bravo to all involved!!!



The Importance of Being Earnest

Had a ball last night at TIOBE, the first show I've seen at beautiful Brand Park. Top-notch performances from a very talented and energized cast. Lovely costumes, fun music, and clever staging with minimal set and props. Bring a lawn chair and blanket. And it's FREE!!! Bravo to Dean Productions Theatre Company for helping to enrich the lives of children affected by cancer ??????


    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes

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