Publicist: Ruckus Rockwell


13th Grade

13th grade is a nostalgic new musical that isn't afraid to go there- and by there, I mean deep into the hilarious underbelly of that first year of community college. Writers Pam Eberhardt and Dan Testa are BRILLIANT! With songs like, “Stop Dating Gay Guys If You Want To Find The One” to characters as legendary as Jem Bobby- Eberhardt and Testa have created a seamless story, packed with moments of pure comic gold- brought to you by an incredible ‘greek chorus/barbershop trio of women narrators that will have you bent over laughing line after line. Oh, and they also happen to be obsessed with ‘The Craft.' Which is equally hilarious and relatable (I mean- wasn't every girl? … Come on… well, I was…So…). The ensemble is EXCELLENT! Each of the 11 characters contains a “stock” quality: The pretty, popular girl, the misunderstood gay son, the hot guy with long hair that plays guitar, etc. BUT the actors let you in on the joke while still bringing their own comedic presence to each role. Having 11 characters in a space that tight and still keeping blocking and choreography clean is nothing short of miraculous. I could continue on… but really- JUST GO! You'll enjoy yourself!




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