Non-Registered Critics: Ryan S. Davis



Ultimately, Wicked Lit is a high quality production, but not as fun, nor as scary, as I was hoping for. I'm sure the choice to have both productions with similar morality themes was carefully considered, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. They are also both smaller in scale than previous years. None of the building's exterior, including the cemetery, was used. I believe this was partly at the request of the venue, and Wicked Lit adapted well, but it does take away some of the wow factor that impressed me my first time. My friend, with nothing to compare the show to, enjoyed it better than I did. The rating on the side is a combination of hers and mine, and I think it's a good sign that for newcomers, Wicked Lit is still a memorable and unique twist on the theater. The shorter running time is a net positive, as is the lower cost to attend. Perhaps with this model, more people can learn about immersive theater and seek out the bigger, scarier attractions if they so choose.

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Lovecraft's CTHULHU

...this world of Cthulhu – deep, rich, scary, emotional, and accessible. It's exciting, it's challenging, it's completely engrossing... After the show, I was going over the story in my head for quite some time... There are no sets, barely any costumes, and only one (pretty cool) special effect. Despite the minimalism, however, the show never gets boring.

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