Audience: Ryan Shanahan


The Women of Lockerbie

What an unassuming, wonderful and fantastic piece of theater!! I read the play summary prior to seeing the show and thought, a play about a plane crash in Lockerbie, the passengers luggage, and laundry of the dead...oooook, we shall see. How wrong was I. Yes, that is the premise of the story, but it tells a much deeper and very raw and honest story about love, loss, community, pain, friendship, marriage, and our collective and individual human condition. I don't know if there's a better bang for your buck in this town clear across to Broadway itself. The play is well written, yes. It's thought provoking and intelligent, but it's the exceptional cast that drove me to write a review. Liz Fenning blew me out of my seat with her performance. Her artistry, choices, honesty, and full hearted investment breath to breath truly stoked my spirit and will inspire my work as well. Lisa Wyatt also was exceptional in her portrayal as a Lockerbie local. She has such a beautiful power bringing the words from the page to life. Both of these ladies deliver broadway caliber performances. And I can't highlight them, and neglect the rest of the cast. They too are very good, it's just Liz and Lisa had me leaving the theater different then when I arrived. If I find the time to go again, I will. In the meantime, thank you ALL, cast and production for delivering such a fine piece of theater for myself and the rest of LA. Best of luck wih the rest of your run!!!

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