Audience: Savannah Rutledge



An incredibly touching story delivered so powerfully by three incredible actors. Under the brilliant direction of Mary Smith. This poetic show takes you on a journey with a compassionate mother, Christina Mcgrath, an autistic daughter, Morgan Abbot, and a strong grounded sister, Brianna Saranshock. This woman run show is heartbreakingly beautiful. The realistic portrayal of each character had me in tears rooting for each woman in their journey. A true collaboration of creatives and I devoured each moment presented to me. As I sat back and Shared this living room with these women I was transported to another place and time. It was truly the most rich experience. It made me think about what real theatre entails. People sharing real lives, conveying messages, starting conversations, making people walk slowly out of the theatre in a completely new mind space. As the final moments of the play were sinking in on us. Every fiber of my being was alight with so many different emotions. These women are insanely talented, nuanced and so deeply full of soul. This is a level of artistry that many talented young creatives aspire to be. If you feel like getting your world rocked a bit and leaving a theatre inspired and full, then this is definitely a show you MUST NOT MISS!