Non-Registered Critics: Serita Stevens


Anne, A New Play

Even children as young as eight should see this. “It has to be retold to be remembered. This could be us.” And what we don’t remember, we are doomed to repeat – I fear.

See it once, twice or many times – and absorb it for posterity so that your children will understand and the children after them.

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Directed by Vicangelo Bulluck, Paradise stars Medalion Rahimi (as Yasmeen al-Hamadi)) and Jeff Marlow (as Dr. Guy Royston), the pair make a perfect merge of entertainment, and education as they seek to understand each other.

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The writer, having escaped from martial law Poland, wanted to humanize people and see things from all eyes. The play, which goes 90 minutes with no intermission, gives some interesting insights that many of us are not aware of.

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Jews, Christians, and Screwing Stalin

The acting was great and thoroughly enjoyable. As we said, you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy the play and anyone with crazy, dysfunctional family members will relate to these characters.

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George Christie's theatre project, written and directed by Richard La Plante, Outlaw interweaves some of his three books as well as the history channel network show, but it goes deeper and further than any of these.  Yes, he did some illegal things though the play shows him as a complex person with many humanizing aspects... An interesting and informative evening about another side of the coin.

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The Last Schwartz

The Last Schwartz made a fair attempt, but I'd rate it four rock-hard matza balls.

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Bad Jews

The 90-minute play – no intermission –  runs until June 17 and there are many layers of it so it's possible to see it more than once and get different sensations out of it... Even if you are not Jewish, I urge you to see it not once, but several times.

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The Chosen

MESMERIZING… A universal story of relationships in their multitude of forms makes this play something for everyone – Jewish or not.

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Not only was the acting, directing and choreography superb , but pretty much historically -and sadly - accurate.   This play wasn't just a 10, it was a 12.

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