Audience: Jonesy Jones


Transmission: A One Tran Show

MIND-BLOWING! Jade Beauvoir is captivating. There is not one dull moment in this production directed by Allan Walls. Visually stunning and tastefully done- this "onetran" show is a real tasty treat! For all of us who have been curious about transgender people, this play answers a lot of questions. There's a lot of information in this presentation, including pop-culture history and it's affect. I was riveted as we journeyed with Trent through the emotions and transition of becoming Trinity. And I was not lost when Jade Beauvoir picked up a guitar, either! A real talent who's music, I see, is available on CD Baby. That's how much I left the Theatre caring- I'm making a shameless plug for the star whom I don't know! Sex, good humor, great acting and a dynamic musical & vocal performance make this fascinating and unusual story a MUST SEE. Not just SWEET, but SUPER SWEET!


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