Audience: Sidney Rmone



Cowboy Mouth is like vigorously washing a huge strawberry under lukewarm water as it's about to mold; when it's in its most dangerous state, it's absolutely the sweetest. The acting was fabulous. The set was meta punk. I immediately thought, “how minimal, sloppy, messy,” and it wasn't until I was completely absorbed in the show that I realized it was perfectly punk and it made so much sense. The play, co-written by Patti Smith and Sam Shepard was obviously written by them. It's so poetic, frustrated, and bizarre; you'll drown if you overthink the symbolism. Sit up, lean in, howl at the FUCKING moon, and get ready for the rawest emotional ride you'll have this year. The actors were experts at their crafts, screaming, crying, conflicted, punks in love with each other's potential, a sure way to kill a person. The stone faced dancers in your peripherals make for a manic experience of always having something to watch, and their feature dance was super sexy. I was overall impressed with the male lead, and his stunts were borderline scary; I thought, “My god! That was a fall! Is he ok?” I was sucked in by his anger turned lust turned anger turned need for approval turned fuck approval, who needs it?! The female lead was an expert actor; the whole time I wanted to comfort her and tell her it's ok to break down. I wanted to validate her desperation. The Lobster Man was the ultimate symbol that I'm still pondering. Is it god? Is it comfort in humor? Is it the next obsession over potential? The dead crow gave the play a Poe-like darkness and the poetic monologues matched. I'm also still pondering that dang dead crow. Is it clinging to memories of the dead? This play reminded me that there's true misery in perfectionism and obsessive idolizing. There was this part that I can't get out of my head when the female and male leads were being horrible to each other in an argument and the male childishly and randomly proposed that they “listen to the traffic.” Oh how mindfulness can bring one back and ease psychological pain and conflict when one's mind is spinning. After this play, my mind was spinning, in a good way. The director at the end, no spoilers, will show you just how real this play is. Go see it!