Audience: Shiral Torres


The Other Side of the Razor Ribbon

All I can say is WOW!!!!! Stacy's performance was flawless and adding her son Derrick playing the music in the background was an additional treat!!! The way she tells her story about the most painful time in her life and at the same time telling a story of a man in prison who is also going through the most painful time in his life and how together without realizing as they work together to create his book, they are healing their pain. Stacy is so great in this play, you will laugh, cry, and at the same time fell inspired by her story and the way she tells it. I can tell how everyone involved from the set designer, to the lady greeting us at the door, to the directing/producing of this show that they worked hard to pull off this fantastic play!! If you are thinking about seeing this play, no need to think anymore…go see it. You will love it!!!!