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The Actor's Co-Op's revival of Helen Edmundson's adaptation of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina is long on possessive apostrophes but short on balance, and its handling of inequitable societal norms feels less progressive than the source material.

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There are some moments that are really fun, the first meeting of Marco and Bobby, the switchback nature of success as friends grow and change, a very solid moment in the hospital, and a rather gleeful ode to what could go wrong at a bachelor's party. Again, the actors are doing their best.

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Characters and music twist and intertwine beautifully, particularly in the larger ensemble pieces. "Sounds While Selling" and "Twelve Days of Christmas" are the best examples of this, with the added benefit of being very amusing and in the latter's case placing the musical firmly within holiday offerings.

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Sugar Plum Fairy

Loh's energy is incredible and her characterizations are at once drop-on-the-floor hilarious and poignant. Come with a willingness to play and participate and you won't leave disappointed.

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While the Broadway show earned an impressive 11 Tony nominations on its first run, and won Best Revival in 2016, Jeffrey Polk's direction and choreography as well as the musical direction of Patrick Gandy yield great rewards in this small and intimate Hollywood space... Word of mouth is already out about the strength of this production, so grab a seat at one of the remaining six shows. Because it's Hollywood, it's beautiful, and you're here.

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SILENCE! The Musical

Yeah, it won't change your life. Sure, it's a bit childishly offensive. But oh, it is well performed and a good time if you're looking for something fun and different. Go on, silence that bleating and scratch the itch you didn't know you had with a ticket to this production before time runs out.

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The Bench, A Homeless Love Story

There are powerful forces that can be at play here, and Galinsky twists himself mightily to manifest them. This is a play doing its job. These are stories that need to be told… it might be time to listen.

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American Saga - Gunshot Medley: Part 1

The beauty of this play might be in its ability to teach the audience how to hear what it has to say... By the end, the audience breathed with the performer. That is a powerful play. The running time is short, and the pacing brisk. ...if you've ever put up a Black Lives Matter sticker on your social media page, or maybe just wondered what could be done, go see the play. Support this voice. Listen.

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The story hits most of the main points of the Robin Hood myth: in a time of tyranny (cough, cough) an outlaw hides in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. There's the infamous archery contest, a prison break (or two), and plentiful romance. Here, of course, is the crux, as this version asks us what would be different if Robin Hood were Marion in disguise, and if folks in Sherwood were a bit more forward thinking about love. Love in this forest flows freely in multiple directions with twist and turns. Lesbians will out themselves as gay men and there is even an appropriate discussion of pronouns amid the rejection of assigned gender.

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