Audience: Susan Ekwall


Masters of the Dark Realm

Masters of the Dark Realm was an adventure for me. I have never been into role-playing games, so I wondered if I could find relevance to my life in this work. What unfolded was an engaging look at five players who meet every week to carry out the “quests” they’ve been creating together for years. The characters are all in different stages in their acceptance of “adulting”, which is something we all go through, so yes, there is meaning for everyone here. It was endearing to watch as the friends grew, each in their own way, finding the inner wherewithal to step up and offer support to two of their own in the wake of grievous loss.
There was also plenty of humour to be found in the quirks of the nerdy (their own word) quintet. I sincerely enjoyed this play, and am glad I decided to try something different.