Audience: suzanne lukather



Lisa Verlo has further lifted the taboo of telling how sexism permeates the industry in her one-woman show “Hollywoodn't”. She chronicles her sexual coming of age in a simple, unassuming biographical tale. In step with the #MeToo Movenment, she exposes her truth that women up to now, have simply had to swallow hard and endure in the path of their careers. There isn't a woman in the audience who hasn't experienced the vulnerability of being the weaker sex while trying to build a career. Lisa takes issue with this in an intelligent, engaging, and entertaining multi-media show giving us the example how courage to speak up can have transformative consequences


    • Blue Kiss by Stephen Fife at the The Blank’s Second Stage
    • BIRTHDAY at the Hollywood Fringe
    • SAVING CAIN at the Hollywood Fringe Festival
    • FERTILE: A Conversation About the Expectation of Procreation
    • A (dark) comedy with (a wounded) heart.
    • HOLLYWOODN'T at the Hollywood Fringe
    • "Stacy is an utterly brilliant performer and standup comic."

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