Audience: Tali Felson


Love, Locs & Liberation

WOW!!! What an absolutely, spectacular show! Ella is a powerful, beautiful, intelligent writer and performer. Capturing the stage with a presence of humility mixed with utter joy, peace, and understanding of the human experience, Ella creates a space of love for the Black womxn's voice. She is truly meant to be on the stage and spread knowledge. At least every other line is chalk full of history that matters, history that you don't learn in school. The fact that Ella devoted herself to this work of art is apparent when you listen to the research behind each line. The story itself evolves in a very accessible manner, and Ella successfully validates the Black womxn's experience by showing how unique that experience is. It's a unique voice that many try to hide, shame, and quiet; instead, Ella stands true to herself. Thank you for bringing this powerful, amazing piece of art, history, hope, and love to the stage!!