Audience: Tamiyka White


Love, Locs & Liberation

As a Black woman I know all too well how we have this on/off again affair with our hair. It has grown with us. And we've taken it through some changes from different hairstyles, colors, choice of products. But what Ella Turenne does beautifully is show is that we are not alone. We are her Haitian mother. We are her childhood best friend. Each event growing up was a matter of life and death in whatever way we were trying to express ourselves with our hair. Every Black women has been where each of these characters take us in our own personal journeys. Why? Because Ella's journey of her obsession with her hair is my journey and obsession with my hair. I have had mad love with my locs. And once I did the 'big chop', I have became liberated. Love, Locs, and Liberation sets us all free with the one thing we as Black identify with and that's our relationship with our hair. I loved this show and recommend anyone seeing it before Hollywood Fringe closes.