Non-Registered Critics: Creeping Craig


Fallen Saints: Dark

The set is plain, it is a simple black box theater, but the sound design more than makes up the difference. The world feels full thanks to simple things like a baby's cry being enmeshed with some truly creepy music or audio editing. These cues really brought home the unsettling feeling they were striving for and made a lasting impression long after the final scene... All in all, this was a gut-wrenching exploration of fears that is sure to hit a nerve for many audience members.  The use of sound and the excellent cast are so seamless that it really gives a lot of weight to the heavy ideas being explored.  Fans of theater or those who are interested in a show that explores modern day fears should definitely give this a look.

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All in all, this is a faithful fever dream adaptation of Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN that achieves a lot with a little. Fans of the original novel or just experimental theater in general would do well to give this show a viewing. Gone is the groaning behemoth ... an emotional depth that many, more cinematic versions have lacked and fans of the novel will absolutely love the more accurate interpretation.

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