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This cast delivers cracking, euphonic songs. Acting a song is a skill in its own right and these singers have an ample supply of it. They manage to remain both expressive and in tune, and while there is no dialogue, these young actors still breathe dramatic life into the pieces.

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The Story of My Life

An intelligent little musical with a warm heart. True, it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s humane, sincere, bright and funny, entertaining, and possessing the courage of its sweet-tempered convictions. These days, that's a novelty.

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Like a stereotypical Baptist ministry, "Fireflies" aims for an emotional forte early on and doesn’t often vary its pitch, and Love takes every opportunity to weave new horrors into the plot, from rapes and murders to grisly hints at self-induced abortion. We shudder at each new and awful twist, but as the hits keep coming, they become weirdly cloying. There's a mysterious package and a knife, and then very quickly, it devolves into a soap opera. It’s like a very rich meal, eventually dulling the very senses it seeks to sharpen and satisfy.

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Last Swallows

The puzzle-piece scenes poses a daunting challenge for any director, but Kiff Scholl is a savvy hand who corrals Harrison’s challenging cacophony into a concise, comprehensible format.

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Dial M for Murder

If you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing one of their first-rate shows, I would heartily recommend this slick, stylish production to be your first riveting, rousing, sensationally gripping experience. Some theatergoers may already be familiar with the story from the classic 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film.

...Director Kondreck’s intricate direction and marvelous design faithfully elicits those required feelings of noir and circumstance, presenting chills and squeals throughout the show.

...The actors are all very adept at infusing depth and vitality into their characters, seemingly tailor-made for their roles. New faces to the local theater community mix with returning thespians to deliver strong, powerful performances.

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