Audience: Robert Reynoso


Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror

A spooky fun time. Good humored take on the ol' time midnite Spook Shows w/ many of the gimmicks from yesteryear. Great energy and tempo to the show. It was fun to sit back and see someone else's take on this forgotten art and enjoy it from the audience perspective for a while. Right away you get the camp and humor of what's going to happen. Doctor Zomba has great energy for the show and his zomified assistant, Sirena, is a treat to behold. I also really enjoyed that this show wasn't just a collection of old routines and gimmicks done one after another. This show has a little bit of “drama” happening in it. A story to help tie everything together. Of course one of my favorite parts was the black out at the end when the spirits were set loose.