Audience: Tom Jones


POSTPONED - Ain't All So Grimm

Do you remember opening a new book in the days of your youth? The excitement and anticipation? Director Jennifer Chun and writer Robert J Watson along with their totally committed cast have a nostalgic, lovely surprise for you. “ Ain’t All So Grimm“ reminds us of how it feels to suffer in the attic with our toys and stories while the real world trembles beneath us and demands that we leave our childhood behind. But sometimes it’s just the one last look in the closet, where memories and innocent adventures are stored that gives us the strength we need to go on. Come see “Grimm” and be refreshed and made hopeful again.



Romeo and Juliet in Hell

Who knew hell could be so hilarious? When Romeo and Juliet wake up in the afterlife to discover that their personal hell is to be condemned to listen to a slightly pitchy Tony repeatedly singing the lyrics to West Side Story, they jump at the chance for escape. The way out—? They are subjected to a revue (pun intended) of their lives by a troupe of also-damned Shakespearean characters—Hamlet, Ophelia, Macbeth, Desdemona—attempting to recreate the story of that most infamous duo of star-crossed lovers. Peppered with equal parts pastiche, screwball comedy and inside jokes for those who worked on stage or behind stage, playwright and director Matt Richie has served up a delightful evening of laughs. Get thee to Hell! Romeo and Juliet in Hell!



Edgar Allan Poe

Usually part of the Actor’s mantra is to never break the fourth wall unless the script or the director calls for some mugging for the audience. But in a courageous twist Duffy Hudson weaves the story of his childhood into the prelude of this one man show as the actor self-transforms into the living legend Edgar Allen Poe. Now a living stage presence, Poe begins reciting his own story-his loves and heartbreaks and the works by which the author attempted to exorcise his demons. And we are slowly transformed from spectators into his confessors—finally sharing in a devastating recital of “The Raven” that left this audience stunned yet on it’s feet. You do NOT want to miss this experience. I will be seeing it again.



Fallen Saints: Salem

Is the horror outside or inside the human heart? Fallen Saints:Salem provides no easy answers, but challenges the audience to consider whether terror is thrust upon us or manufactured by our own prejudices and fears. The entry is deceptively simple yet creepy; the finalé will leave you gasping for breath. Well designed, directed, well written and the actors are totally committed. Start the season with this beautiful, mesmerizing show!



Masters of the Dark Realm

Tom Misuraca gives us a heartfelt and funny look at the game of life, love and friendship in “Masters of the Dark Realm” presentes by Force of Nature Productions. The cast is on point and the direction is crisp. The metaphor of life as a quest and the painful necessity of growth with all its concomitant change, loss and reconciliation is sincere but also playful without minimizing the terrible challenges of the Dark Realms through which we all must pass—but hopefully with a fellowship as resilient as the one presented on stage. The cast is totally committed and clearly loving their characters but special shout out to Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm for embodying and Tom Misuraca for authoring “Frank”—the character who represents that geek/nerd in all of us: achingly constrained by the rules we impose on ourselves, praying for order, terrified by change but desperately needing the fellowship that will fight alongside of us, heal us when we fail and ultimately cherish our friendship.



A Christmas Carol

In two short years this annual show has become as much a holiday tradition for me as watching the 1951 film version of a Christmas Carol. Duffy Hudson's one man show is a truly memorable and affectionate homage to the immortal classic. It has only a short run at this venue but Force of Nature produces his mesmerizing performances of famous historical characters (Edgar Allen Poe, Houdini, George Burns and more) several times a year with flair and a level of professionalism unexpected in a local theater company. See Duffy Hudson in A Christmas Carol before it closes Dec 23. A brand new must see holiday tradition!




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