Audience: Will Rothhaar


The Pleasure Project

Ava Bogle and her brilliance dazzled and floored me on Friday night. Her writing and portrayal of all of her aliens was hilarious and genius. I had to remember to breathe on one occasion, as I was laughing that hard. The message was what really struck me and had me nodding my head, releasing audible, inadvertent "mmm hmm"s and pumping my fist constantly! In a time when the state of politics and the war on female rights and sexuality seem to continually go hand in hand, we NEED more theatre like this. It's going to open the conversations, and keep the ones rolling that have already started between woke folks. It's real, truthful, uplifting and In the end, gives me HOPE. Please don't let June 24th be the end of this incredible piece of work!!! ... I say Broadway.❤️


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