JOAN OF ART - A Musical, Immersive Theatre, ArtSHOW and #CanYouEverForgiveMe

Joan Alperin

Joan Alperin

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I saw this musical in New York City and I was so excited to hear that it was coming to Los Angeles. I'll be at the Ahmanson on Friday evening to see 'Dear Evan Hansen.' and I can't wait. It won the Tony Award in 2017 for Best Musical as well as a Grammy Award in 2018.

This is such a profound and deeply moving play about life and the way we live it. It's also a show that anyone, no matter what your age is, can relate to.

The New York Times calls it 'a gut-punching, breathtaking knockout of a musical' and I couldn't agree more. If you see one musical this year, make it 'Dear Evan Hansen.'
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Opening on Friday, October 19 is a wonderful film called, 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' starring Melissa McCarthy.

The film is based on the true story of best selling celebrity biographer Lee Israel (Melissa McCarthy) who when she falls out of step with current tastes has to find another way to survive.

So in order to pay her rent and buy medicine for her sick cat, Lee becomes a forger. She forges letters from deceased authors and playwrights and winds up selling them for a great deal of money.

The film is beautifully directed by Marielle Heller and written by Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty.

Melissa is just extraordinary in this film. Even though Lee was a very unlikeable person, Melissa manages to capture her vulnerability, pain and fear in such a way that it will bring tears to your eyes.

Do not miss this film. I'm sure at Oscar time, Melissa will get a nod for her killer performance.

Another great event this weekend is Senor Plummer's Final Fiesta.

It's 1942 and you receive an invitation to the book launch of Senor Plummer: The Life and Laughter of an Old Californian, Eugenio Plummer's mostly true account of his life in early Los Angeles. You arrive in the newly dedicated Plummer Park, only steps away where from Plummer himself lived since 1977. But soon the festivites stir up a merry band of ghosts and shadows who sweep you into a past filled with wild west duels, pirates, land grabs, violent mobs, romance and epic court battles. Oh and of course fiestas. Told through a patchwork of large scale puppets, masks and music the Rogue Artists Ensemble electrified Senor Plummer's whimsical tales of early Los Angeles.

The play begins with everyone together and then you get to choose which stories you want to follows. It begins Friday October 19th and plays Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st at 7:30pm through November 4th.

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And the perfect way to end the weekend is The Beverly Hills artSHOW

Once again this wonderful art show returns to 9455 N Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 where hundreds of paintings will be on displayed. The upcoming artSHOW will be held on October 20 & 21. Hours each day are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you can bring your dog. I've attended this event for the last few years and I can truly say that some really talented artists show their work there. And yes, the art is for sale.

Whatever you choose do this weekend, have a great one.

Joan Alperin
Joan was born in Brooklyn and spent many years working as an actress in New York City. Even though she traveled extensively, Joan couldn't imagine living anywhere else.. Well one day, she met someone at a party who regaled her with stories about living in L. A. specifically Topanga Canyon. A few weeks later she found herself on an airplane bound for Los Angeles. Joan immediately fell in love with the town and has been living here for the last twenty years and yes, she even made it to Topanga Canyon, where she now resides, surrounded by nature, deer, owls and all kinds of extraordinary alien creatures.. Joan continued acting, but for the last several years (besides reviewing plays and film) she has been writing screenplays. Joan was married to a filmmaker who created the cult classic films, (way before she knew him) Faces of Death.