JOAN OF ART: A Weekend filled with an Iconic Play, an Iconic Actor's Son and Some Terrific Art

Joan Alperin

Writer, Registered Critic

One of my most favorite lines ever written in a play comes from Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece A Streetcar Named Desire. The line is... Sometimes- there's God-so quickly and it is uttered by the character Blanche Dubois who believes a man that she recently met is going to rescue her from the hell that is her life.

Now who hasn't felt that at one time or another. That some miracle will happen that will save their life or change the events of their life. But to say it in such a poetic way, well only someone of Mister Williams talent could do that.

The team behind 2016's acclaimed production of Tennessee Williams rarely-seen Kingdom of Earth, is back - this time, with Williams' Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE.

Jack Heller directs actress Susan Priver, (who played the down on her luck show girl Myrtle in Kingdom of Heaven and LA Weekly award-winning The Lover by Harold Pinter) as Blanche DuBois and Max E. Williams (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and numerous productions with Elephant Theatre Company) as Stanley Kowalski in a visiting production at the Odyssey Theatre presented by Dance On Productions in association with Linda Toliver and Gary Guidinger.

Passions flare and cultures collide in the sultry streets of New Orleans beginning May 25, with performances continuing though July 7.

Often regarded as among the finest plays of the 20th century, Streetcar is considered by many to be Williams' greatest work. The story famously recounts how the faded and promiscuous Blanche is pushed over the edge by Stanley, her sexy and brutal brother-in-law.

The play launched the careers of Marlon Brando, Jessica Tandy, Kim Hunter and Karl Malden and solidified the position of Williams as one of the most important young playwrights of his generation.

I know come this Saturday evening May 25th at 8pm I will be at The Odyssey Theatre, 2055 South Sepulveda Blvd, West Los Angeles to once again see this extraordinary play. For reservations and information call 310-477-2055 or go to

Speaking of Brando on Sunday May 26th at the Santa Monica Playhouse I'll be seeing WILD SON: THE TESTIMONY OF CHRISTIAN BRANDO. Set under the white glare of Hollywood and Celebrity WILD SON: THE TESTIMONY OF CHRISTIAN BRANDO tells the story of Marlon Brando's troubled headline making son in his own words. The story is populated by the likes of Jack Nicholson, Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Anjelica Huston and Robert Blake along with several others.

Most importantly it is the story of father and son. The final performance is this Sunday so run don't walk to get tickets.

To purchase go to The show starts at 5:30.

Now for something different, WE RISE.

This is a ten day pop up immersive experience that brings together LA'S diverse community to explore our collecive power to live lives of purpose and engagement. Through powerful programming, performances, immersive workshops and a world class art exhibition, they seek to embolden individuals and families to find help, reach out to help others and demand systemic change in order to address the critical need for early intervention, treatment and care for mental wellbeing.

WE RISE believes that their collective imagination is at the heart of all social change, dreaming of how to transcend the systems and cultural norms that do not serve us. Envisioning what is possible when everyone feels a sense of belonging, connection, meaning and purpose is the first step toward creating new realities, we can manifest a future where mental health and communities are at the center of well being.

The event is located at 1262 Palmetto Street Los Angeles. The event is free and open to the public. The show starts at 10:00 AM Saturday and run through Monday, May 27th at 10pm. For more information go to WeRise.LA

Whatever you decide to do this weekend people, make it a fun one.

Joan was born in Brooklyn and spent many years working as an actress in New York City. Even though she traveled extensively, Joan couldn't imagine living anywhere else.. Well one day, she met someone at a party who regaled her with stories about living in L. A. specifically Topanga Canyon. A few weeks later she found herself on an airplane bound for Los Angeles. Joan immediately fell in love with the town and has been living here for the last twenty years and yes, she even made it to Topanga Canyon, where she now resides, surrounded by nature, deer, owls and all kinds of extraordinary alien creatures.. Joan continued acting, but for the last several years (besides reviewing plays and film) she has been writing screenplays. Joan was married to a filmmaker who created the cult classic films, (way before she knew him) Faces of Death.