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In what has become a holiday tradition, ISC re-creates (with a little artistic license) the experience of a public reading given by Mr. Dickens himself. Based on the novelist’s own adaptation, A CHRISTMAS CAROL WITH CHARLES DICKENS is performed by ISC co-founder David Melville as Charles Dickens, playing nearly every character in the story. The LA Weekly said, “David Melville has an almost preternatural gift for wry understatement and comic timing.” The production features musical accompaniment and dramatic interjections by a young American actress, Miss Kalean Ung. The performance of A CHRISTMAS CAROL WITH CHARLES DICKENS is full of the acting pyrotechnics Dickens was famous for as two actors conjure a magical evening full of wry humor, ghosts, romance, and redemption. This is ISC’s twelfth year of presenting A CHRISTMAS CAROL WITH CHARLES DICKENS. Says ISC Artistic Director, Melissa Chalsma, “Dickens (who as a boy of eight was sent to work in a factory) wrote A CHRISTMAS CAROL to urge his fellow citizens to towards a more compassionate society. Our unplugged version of the story sets aside the commercial bells and whistles that so frequently go along with a production of this classic tale, and allows all of us to reflect on the possibility of transformation that Dickens offers. It is a humane story full of generosity, shrewd observations, and wry humor.”


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