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Sierra Madre Playhouse is presenting the stage adaptation of A Christmas Story as its holiday attraction this year. The Parker family gets its Christmas tree. Ralphie’s dad, The Old Man, wins a very special prize in a contest. Ralphie is pursued by a girl in his class. Ralphie is pursued by the class bully. And, most famously, Ralphie sets off on a campaign to acquire his most-desired Christmas present, a Red Ryder BB air rifle, only to be warned repeatedly, “You’ll put your eye out, kid.”


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"A wonderful stage version of the classic film ingeniously directed by Christian Lebano and very well acted by a cast that includes several kids...all superb."

"At Sierra Madre Playhouse the stage is colorful and warm, and the adult cast is talented. They don’t have a chance to win, however, over the adorableness of the young cast, with the tinier actors being so cute and funny that you feel like putting them in your pocket and taking them home with you. (But I say this in the least creepy of the ways.) The play is full of laughs and feel good moments and it’d really be a great activity for the holiday season."

"...And this year, they’ve outdone themselves with A Christmas Story. It’s the perfect holiday entertainment! I cannot tell you how much I loved this production! (And you know that I rarely say that!)"


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