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Extended! A hilarious, daring and just-a-touch-racy comedy from long-time LA Playwright Jerry Mayer, that takes you on the roller-coaster-ride of a 38-year (and counting) marriage, from the romantic naivete of a 1950’s honeymoon, to the lovingly annoying daily life in the Coming-of-New Age ’90’s. The successes, the disappointments, the sex, the traumas, the traumas about sex and the budget and the children and the adventure of casting your lot with another human being…for life.

From the internationally acclaimed team that brought you Almost Perfect, Aspirin & ELEPHANTS and 2 Across, A Love Affair features a stellar cast that includes Andrea Adnoff (Sunday on the Rocks, Pasadena Playhouse; The Lucky 6; Legend of Woodview Road)Jacob Cooper (We Are Marshall – Warner Bros; Clybourne Park; La Bete), Rachel Galper (Turning Thirty, A DeLUSIONAL Affair, How to Love a Republican), Evelyn Rudie (Raise Me Up; Climax; Audition: the Musical), and  Chris DeCarlo (Author! Author! an evening with Sholom Aleichem, Moliere’s The Fools, Aspirin & ELEPHANTS.) 

Jerry Mayer’s award winning plays and musicals have appeared successfully in New York city three times (Off Broadway) and in hundreds of theatres all over the US and Canada, as well as in Europe. Most of Mr. Mayer’s plays deal with the “ups, downs and sideways” of male/female relationships, for which he humbly thanks the guidance of his lovely muse/wife (for lots of years), Emily Bettman Mayer. Playhouse Co-Artistic Director and frequent Jerry Mayer director Chris DeCarlo helms this return engagement to the Playhouse stage of Mayer’s hit slice-of-life comedy now playing weekends September 23 – November 19th, 2017 and returning to the stage Saturday, January 13, 2018 for an extended run.


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"Have you and your partner ever thought how nice it would be to go back and have a conversation with your younger selves that might be able to change the course of your lives together? No doubt playwright Jerry Mayer, whose plays deal with the "ups, downs and sideways" of male/female relationships, must have wondered the same thing and created the comedy A LOVE AFFAIR to address the idea of one couple, at two different stages of their marriage, meeting in the midst of relationship upheaval when selling their family home and sorting through years of marriage mementos. Review: A LOVE AFFAIR Recounts the Roller Coaster Ride of a 38-Year (and Counting) Marriage. Witty sexual innuendos abound as the business of aging is handled with great humor and understanding from both the youthful and more mature viewpoints."

"Director Chris DeCarlo says "Jerry Mayer's plays are a delight for a director, a cast, and of course an audience. He writes about issues people can identify with, laugh at, and care about." And I have to agree with with that statement...."

"The production is expertly directed by DeCarlo who, with Rudie owns the venue, and is well acquainted with Mayer’s work. The performers are letter perfect. The two newbies , Cooper and Adnoff hold their own in collaboration with veteran actors DeCarlo and Rudie. Not to forget the excellent contribution of Rachel Galper, who appears as a femme fatale, a doctor, a Starving Student smoother mover etc., etc. Every witty line and comic situation comes to life on this stage."

"Never disappointed in the work offered here…once again the experience was well worth the drive from Burbank....Do get to know the visionary, always creative work offered here! I’ve been covering their productions for many years and have never been disappointed. True lovers of live theatre, they have the magic touch. Get to know their work and their passion!"

"Past and present mingle to paint a brilliant – and very funny – portrait of real life seen from different perspectives and made more poignant by a 38-year distance definitely lending some enchantment to the view. Author Jerry Mayer keeps the laughs flowing in his semi-autobiographical account of a marriage meant to last. Director Chris DeCarlo has a knack for keeping the pace fast and funny. Rachel Galper gallops through the multiple characters who rise and fall in the saga."


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