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It’s holiday time at the North Pole and everyone is in a tizzy – Santa has disappeared.
Is he taking a vacation? Did the sleigh run out of spirits?  Can Mrs. Claus keep the home fires burning and the toy shop churning until he can be found?
​And to make matters worse, who should appear on the scene but the Suits – the Mad Men from Badison Avenue –​ready and willing to “solve” the problem with a host of plans to make the holidays even more commercial than ever.

The good North Pole folk in this heart-warming Victorian yuletide musical almost succumb to these sinister hijinks, but, with the help of the audience, love and good cheer conquers all, leaving the way clear for still another happy holiday season! Complete with perky elves, zany inventors, toy soldiers and porcelain dolls, audiences boo the villain, cheer the heroine, and help to save the day in this delightful holiday event, perfect for the whole family! Written by the award-winning team of Evelyn Rudie & Chris DeCarlo, and directed by Arthur R. Tompkins, with Costume Design by Ashley Hayes, Lighting & Set Design by James Cooper, and Sound Design by The Attic Room.

Featuring Elodie Cammarata, Tiffany Haile, Cydne Moore, Elena Rust, Meg Sprink, Kiki Yeung and Emery Erin as Mrs. Cookie Claus.

Playing weekends Saturdays at 2pm & Sundays at 12:30 pm through December 17th, 2017
Santa Monica Playhouse 1211 4th Street Santa Monica, CA.

Great for family gatherings, birthdays and holiday parties, too! Call 1-310-394-9779 ext. 2.



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