Anderson Lena and the Things That Don’t Matter



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Thu Mar 21, 8:00pm
Fri Mar 22, 8:00pm
Sat Mar 23, 8:00pm
Sun Mar 24, 2:00pm
Thu Mar 28, 8:00pm
Fri Mar 29, 8:00pm
Sat Mar 30, 8:00pm

In 2012, researchers at Northwestern University concluded that when we recall a memory, we’re not actually the recalling the memory, but rather the memory of the last time we remembered it, thus irreparably distorting our perception of the past. This is a play about that.

With an offbeat yet authentic voice (and a structure to match), “Anderson Lena and the Things That Don’t Matter” explores the unsettlingly distinct possibility that objective truth is about as real as a fluffy pink unicorn. It starts off simply enough: a girl dancing alone in her bedroom. But, much like life, this story is nowhere near as simple as it should be. Three characters, two timelines, and one room later, you’ll leave questioning every memory you ever held dear. But, you know, in a cool way.

“Fall in love. Don’t tell him. Leave for foreign country. Lose touch. Come home. Recount every last detail of prior interactions in a blind attempt to figure out how he feels. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.”

Starring Ayden Skye as Liz, Jared Isaac as Andy, and Emilia Ray as Line
Written by Ayden Skye
Directed by Mary Schaugh

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