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Unable to act on their feelings and forced into exile in the Forest of Arden, lovers Rosalind and Orlando become entangled in a beguiling game of love, lust and mistaken identity. One of Shakespeare’s great comedies, As You Like It subverts the traditional rules of romance, confusing gender roles, nature and politics to reflect on how bewildering — yet utterly pleasurable — life can be. July 20 – Sept. 10; $15-$34; Kiki & David Gindler Performing Arts Center, 110 East Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205; (818) 506-1983


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"Previous productions of King Lear, Macbeth, and Henry IV, Part One have proven The Antaeus Company’s mettle with Shakespeare in tragic/historic mode. As You Like It shows off L.A.’s Classical Theatre Ensemble’s comedic gifts to equally splendid effect."

"Frosting on this excellent cast is supplied with JD Cullum having about as much fun with Touchstone as is permisable on any stage. The patter required is supplemented by gestures (appropriate and inappropriate) with a medium sized zucchini that is worth the price of admission alone."

"As a play, As You Like It is charming yet wise, and Antaeus’s cast does a splendid job. Generally, the many strengths of the production keep the action moving along nicely no matter how convoluted the plot gets. Act two meanders a bit too much between inconsequential storylines and feels about 20 minutes too long, but that is ultimately Shakespeare’s fault."

"What makes this play so special, or so it seems to me, is how in the midst of the pastoral setting and silly goings-on, the hearts and lives of the characters remain vulnerable, tender, filled with hope and fear."

"Directed by Shakespearean scholar Rob Clare, his cast is impeccable in the diction, rhythm and scansion of the text. (The Text Coach was Elizabeth Swain, who knows her way around Elizabethan Theatre.) And the wit in the play was fully on display."

"Ultimately, there’s plenty of good acting in this production, but the uninspired direction and design leaves the ensemble stranded."

"Director Rob Clare is a renowned Shakespeare specialist who has worked internationally as a director, a teacher, and a coach. His production is clean and coherent with the text, aside from a few opening night bobbles, spoken with admirable clarity."

"...through the Antaeus Acorns cast who are particularly deft in acclimating the audience to the language of Shakespeare. The absolute clarity with which every actor delivers the over 400 years old script embraces audience ears with such contemporary precision as to almost sound extemporaneous."

"No Shakespeareare play is more pleasing, in the hands of a capable, brilliant cast guided by a savvy director (Rob Clare), than As You Like It."


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