Atwater Village Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

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A world premiere play by Nick Salamone (HELEN, THE SONNETEER, SEA CHANGE, RIFFS AND CREDOS, RED HAT & TALES).

In a bedroom — one man contemplates his life as his ex-girlfriend, his younger lover, and his mother help him sort out what he might have missed in life through a series of fantastical dreams in three scenes.


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"There is an intimacy and vulnerability to the production that simply cannot be faked, a fact sealed by the fantastic performances. Billy Boy’s format allows for genuine surprise and a feeling of satisfaction, as if a real conversation has been had, and something has been worked out. - RECOMMENDED"

"Having loved Sea Change, The Sonneteer, and Euripides’ Helen, I was expecting more of Billy Boy. Salamone’s latest may be great therapy for its protagonist, but it’s not the great theater I was hoping for."

"Rivera delivers a luminous staging, mooring his cast in a bracing naturalism that emphasizes the piece’s inherent mystery. His solidly capable actors are so matter-of-fact that they catch us completely off-guard for this journey into the unexpected."

"As with so many of his previous plays, the world premiere of Nick Salamone’s newest provides another quantum leap into an arrestingly brave, unflinchingly honest, and unapologetically sentimental bout of personal soul-searching."


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