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Bugaboo is an inmate in the women’s block of Henderson County Jail in West Virginia. After 42 days alone, she is assigned a roommate who she comes to call her “silent little sinner”. Presented by producer Chris Bender (American Pie, History of Violence, Mulan), Marja-Lewis Ryan’s timely new drama is an intimate look at the power of female friendship despite devastating circumstances. Bugaboo & The Silent One opens January 6th at The Lounge Theater in Hollywood. Big mouth Bugaboo, played by LA Drama Critics Circle Award Winning Actress Heidi Sulzman, has recently “come fully to Jesus” and is set on saving the soul of her new roommate, The Silent One (Jacqueline Toboni). But as the play unfolds, it becomes clear that they are both desperate for something outside of themselves.


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"Fans of Orange is the New Black certainly enjoy watching the escapades of female inmates stuck together in prison as they attempt to understand each other and either try to get along or attempt to murder each other. As Bugaboo keeps rambling on and on, we learn why these two women were both incarcerated for their third infractions, each now serving 25 years to life for their crimes. It's a sad tale of woe for The Silent One, while Bugaboo seems to really enjoy being boastful about her attempt to better her life at the cost of others."

"This play is an ideal case study on the notion of building onto a friendship in spite of the circumstances depicted. And will there a happy ending to this tale? Well, it’s a prison story. Is that concept a hint?"

"The three women perform admirably, under the direction of the playwright. Sulzman rattles on for just about seventy-five uninterrupted minutes, in a genuine, Southern hillbilly accent. She may annoy you but she won’t bore you. Gardner perfectly personifies what we think a prison guard should look and act like. Compliments to the anonymous Casting Director. Toboni’s delivery borders on monotones and she never changes the expression on her pretty face but, perhaps, that is de rigueur for the character she portrays. Award-winning author Marja-Lewis Ryan gives us a unique situation, as we wonder – are these two going to bond or are they destined to remain strangers in spite of their confined quarters? Find out!!"

"A radical departure from One In The Chamber and A Good Family, Marja-Lewis Ryan’s previous pair of households-in-crisis living-room dramas, but no less powerful in its impact, Bugaboo & The Silent One is the award-winning writer-director at her hot-button best."

"Playwright Marja-Lewis Ryan (One in the Chamber) has written a moving character study about ordinary women in distress and the way they struggle to cope with terrible circumstances. Sulzman and Toboni play it faithfully and eloquently, and Gardner’s tough but not unfeeling guard provides a useful foil. - RECOMMENDED"

"To call this a fun show would be a huge mischaracterization even though there is frequent humor coming mainly from the often amusing even funny utterances from Bugaboo. But to say that Bugaboo & the Silent One is powerful and even compelling is a very good fit. I would not recommend it for children under 14 nor to the hyper sensitive. Otherwise you will enjoy pretty much every one of the approximately 75 minutes of the show’s run time."

"For those who gripe that there aren’t enough great roles for women, Ryan has taken it upon herself to make sure that there are...I urge you to check out this intimate look at the power of female friendship despite devastating circumstances."


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