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In this world premiere with songs written by legendary lyricists Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Tyne Daly stars as a woman not quite ready to let go of the life she’s loved and the love of her life.


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"A drama with songs might be a more accurate description, except the story is thinly contrived and the musical numbers barely existent."

"[Tyne] Daly’s consummate skill as an actress is, of course, the reason to see this production and she doesn’t disappoint. She wrings every ounce of nuance possible out of the opinionated, wise-cracking widow’s dialogue but the play still can’t shake its own sentimental death grip...For those who have lost a loved one, Chasing Mem’ries may conjure up memories of their own, making Victoria’s journey a cathartic one. Without that connection, the play is nothing more than an old-fashioned love letter to days gone by."

"Josh Ravetch’s Chasing Mem’ries, receiving its World Premiere at The Geffen Playhouse, is subtitled “A different kind of musical”. It definitely is different in that none of the three cast members actually sings a song—instead they talk sing their way through like Rex Harrison did in My Fair Lady. There are barely eight songs heard during the 100 minutes and most are not talk/sung in their entirety. Paraphrasing one of the song lyrics by Alan & Marilyn Bergman (“The Way We Were”, “Pieces of Dreams”) it is pieces of songs. Yet the lyrics heard are usually more affecting than the trite script Ravetch has cobbled together."

"If you've aged past 50 and haven't asked yourself, "Where did the time go?" — a) what's wrong with you?; and b) this might not be the show for you. But for anyone who has ever really pondered a friendship gone awry or a chance taken that turned out surprisingly well, Daly and writer-director Ravetch combine for a compact meditation on it all."

"Unfortunately, the play is overburdened with sentimentality. Fortunately, Tyne Daly is the gem who gives audiences the moment to enjoy through her talent."

"Tyne Daly has never been better in this beautifully crafted play with music by the Bergmans. It shows us the way to happiness"

"Victoria and Franklin may have shared a lifetime of Chasing Mem’ries, but other than Tyne Daly’s performance, there’s nothing at all mem’rable about this Different Kind Of Musical. If this is different, I’ll take same-old any day."


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