Darryl Maximilian Robinson Celebrates His 2010 Los Angeles Stage Debut As Henry Albertson in "The Fantasticks"! (Hollywood)



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With The Role Of The Old Shakespearean Actor Henry Albertson In Tom Jones' and Harvey Schmidt's "The Fantasticks" Darryl Maximilian Robinson Made Both His Hollywood And Greater Los Angeles Area Stage Debut! He Celebrates This Occasion By Providing Notes And Photos Of The Critically-Praised Production!

"The cast hits their stride in Act 1 with 'It Depends on What You Pay.' It's Just about that time that Darryl Maximilian Robinson gives the show a shot in the arm with his high-energy over the top Henry. Robinson is a comedian clearly comfortable on the stage and well trained. His Henry is quite simply a hoot and expertly delivered." -- Bree Long LA Theatre Review.com / The Hollywood Fringe Daily Rag Day Three Saturday, June 19, 2010.

"Additionally the production offers a delightful comic duo of Henry ( Darryl Maximilian Robinson ) and Mortima ( Stacy Lynn Baker ) who portray the hopelessly inept two-person acting troupe reminiscent of the craftsmen in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was always disappointing when Henry and Mortima had to exit as their mutual rapport was outstanding to watch." -- Kyra Oser The Los Angeles Budget Theatre Examiner Friday, July 2, 2010.

A testament to Tom Jones' ( Book and Lyrics ) and Harvey Schmidt's ( Musical Score ) intimate classic romantic musical "The Fantasticks" staying and playing power occurred during the late spring and summer of 2010 when a talented young theatre ensemble called The Tribe Productions presented a Hollywood Fringe Festival 50th Anniversary Revival Production of the acclaimed theatre piece at The Complex Theatre in Los Angeles. The revival directed by Christopher Chase with musical direction by Tiffany Oliver featured skilled actor / singer Christopher Karbo as The Narrator El Gallo the lovely and talented Madison Mitchell as The Girl Luisa physically-amazing actress Setareh Khatibi as The Mute and in his Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles stage debut Chicago Joseph Jefferson Citation Award Winner Darryl Maximilian Robinson ( who most recently appeared on stage in LA in the role of The Announcer in The Ark Theatre of North Hollywood Old Tyme Radio Hour March 11, 2020 preview performance of The Dick Tracy Radio Show ) appeared as the old Shakespearean actor Henry Albertson opposite talented young comic actress Stacy Lynn Baker as Mortima ( in this production aka Mortimer "The Woman Who Dies" ). The Tribe Productions' 2010 Hollywood Fringe Festival 50th Anniversary Revival Production of "The Fantasticks" earned a Festival Nomination as "Best of Fringe" as well as fine notices in the June 19 2010 LA Theatre Review.Com / Hollywood Fringe Daily Rag and the July 2 2010 Los Angeles Budget Theatre Examiner.

And in the great tradition of the role of Henry Albertson veteran and award-winning stage actor and play director Darryl Maximilian Robinson is pleased to share with you "The Clippings"!