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Driving Miss Daisy takes place in the 1940s through the 1970s at the height of the Civil Rights movement. The play delicately explores racial tensions when a warm friendship evolves between an elderly Jewish woman and her black chauffeur. It won the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


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"It’s been two years since the Colony Theatre ceased operations after four decades of producing some of L.A.’s finest live theater. Driving Miss Daisy is a reminder of how much this Burbank gem is missed, and with Donna Mills at her most luminous, there is reason to both cheer its return and make a holiday wish for more Colony magic in the New Year."

"This production, directed by Heather Provost and scheduled to run at the Colony Theatre through December 10, can build on this theme with greater period detail in music and staging, if not necessarily its three performances, which were, this opening weekend, extremely well done."

"Donna Mills with her sweet, intelligent and loving style brings so much life to Daisy Werthan. Arthur Richardson as Hoke complements her to the letter."

"It’s most like dinner theatre without the dinner. Get a famous name from film or TV and build a production around them. It’s not that it’s bad and it’s not that it’s good; it just is. Director Heather Provost served mostly as a traffic cop moving her actors through Genetra Tull’s bare bones scenic design."

"Director Heather Provost helms the production with compassion and insight – but also with a nod towards two very self-reliant people who must learn to work together. She is ably assisted by the talented cast as they grow older before the audience’s eyes."


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