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The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center and Sixth Avenue present the West Coast Premiere of


A fierce and funny new work from the playwright and producers of Hit the Wall, about the chaotic final days of an urban public high school, Exit Strategy is a riveting, edge-of-your-seat drama from a vital new voice in American playwriting.

Written by Ike Holter

Directed by Deena Selenow

Produced by Jon Imparato and Adam Silver

Starring LaNisa Renee Frederick, Jane Macfie, Remy Ortiz, Maria Romero, Darrett Sanders, Adam Silver and Luke Tennie

Scenic Design by Se Oh

Costume Design by Lena Sands

Lighting Design by Matt Richter

Sound Design by Jesse Mandapat


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"...Holter’s play has important things to say about the devaluing of education and the disrespecting of both teachers and kids by a (literally) bulldozing bureaucracy. The production makes that point in a dramatically effective way, and for that it deserves plaudits. - GO!"

"Holter’s beautifully written piece crackles with energy and passion — it hearkens back to those early British plays by Harold Brenton and David Hare in the way it combines issues and politics with emotion and personality. - RECOMMENDED"

"Exit Strategy, playwright Ike Holter and the L.A. LGBT Center’s gripping, gut-punching follow-up to their 2015 critical/box-office smash Hit The Wall [is] one of Fall 2017’s must-see productions."

"So while it’s unfortunate that we’ll never see the two-act play Exit Strategy was meant to be, this in-the-round production at the LGBT Center—given top-notch treatment—is a recommended affair."

"Exit Strategy by Ike Holter has an exceptional cast, each providing a special brand of character, an ethic mix of educators with an altruistic sense of self and propriety. Deena Selenow wonderfully directs it in an amusing likeness of real and not-so-real school antics. There is so much detail in Selenow’s direction; it is the little things that put this production way over the top in form and execution. Every moment is a joy to watch and the acting is astonishing."


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